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Tue, Sep 26th, 11:30am Featuring Bob Rice of G2 Insurance Services Inc

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Brian Prom
Ameriprise Financial

The More the Merrier


Below is a list of members who are willing to sub for you at a meeting. Thank you for your commitment to BIG Networking and for honoring our requirement of arranging for a sub if you can't attend your meeting.

Why it was so important to find a sub for a meeting and why is attendance a requirement of membership.

The most important reasons include:

  • Your sub will talk about you and your business so members don't forget about you and remember your referral request. This is why it is important to give your sub a well-written 1-minute presentation to present on your behalf including, "What is a good, specific referral".
  • Attendance and taking the time to find a sub shows reliability and commitment to our chapter – two real important qualities when a member is deciding to pass a referral to you.
  • Larger meetings offer the potential for a greater number of referrals to be given and received
  • It helps us to honor our commitment to the restaurants so we continue to be invited back and receive a free room .
  • A sub is another potential referral source, potential business and someone you might be able to pass a referral to.

You may always ask a non-BIG member to sub, too. Anyone who is not part of your chapter is fine to ask to attend in your place.